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Mission: Simplify privacy

The Profila Privacy Alliance

Why join us?

Why an Alliance? 

Privacy and trust unlock a new relationship between consumers and brands, and if done right will stimulate the digital economy and great experiences. 

The alliance is ACTION and PROJECT oriented. We will build targeted groups in the community who will volunteer to co-create solutions and solve specific challenges. These projects will be managed in PRIVACY ACCELERATORS. We are starting from scratch and are appealing to students, companies and individual contributors in data, marketing, law, business & technology across all verticals to join the alliance and volunteer to host and stimulate topics and groups, or purely chat and discover like minded people. 

Profila is open to technology and solution providers who can showcase their services in private groups to those members interested. We also invite non-profits and international organisations focused on Privacy topics to build a GLOCAL community together. 

Help us shape the privacy future of the consumer economy by investing your time, money, expertise and thought leadership.

About us

The Profila Privacy Alliance is a Swiss Non-profit with a mission to: simplify privacy.

The Alliance was created by Profila in January 2019 as we fundamentally believe that privacy should be simple for consumers and cost effective for business. We aim to co-create and open-source privacy services and build a global community who can debate related privacy topics, share insights and learn.

Profila is building a for profit solution for consumers and enterprise and we have started two Privacy Accelerator projects in the Alliance to solve some key challenges in education and the economics of privacy.

It is clear that learning from a community will benefit Profila, and many others, however, we are intentionally opening the Alliance to ALL solution and service providers, experts and general public as our primary mission is to ensure the consumers privacy experience is simple, opening great opportunities for many companies to stimulate the digital economy with hyper-personalised services and great digital experiences.

A Big Thanks

"We invite individuals, professionals and global organisations to join the Alliance to simplify the privacy interaction.
Privacy is a fundamental right and the execution of privacy online should be cost effective for business and accessible by everyone globally"

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